Profile of SAKAI

President Ichiro Sakai
Paid-in capital 3,191,000,000 yen
Date of foundation May, 1918
Date of incorporation May, 1949
Number of employees 633 (31 March, 2020)
Major line of business

Manufacture and sale of construction equipment and industrial machinery, and sale of out sourced industrial machinery.

Compaction equipment
Vibratory Single Drum Roller,Vibratory Tandem Roller, Static Pneumatic Tired Roller , Static Three Wheel Roller, Vibratory Tandem Roller, Vibratory Combined Roller, Vibratory Pneumatic Tired Roller, Vibratory Three Wheel Roller, Rammer, Plate Compactor and Walk Behind Roller
Road maintenance and repair equipment
Road Planer, Reclaimer, Asphalt Paver, Road Cleaner and Water Sprinkler


Directors(1st July, 2020)

President Ichiro Sakai
Director and Executive Vice President Ryosuke Watanebe
Director /
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
Kazushi Kiyomiya
Outside Director /
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
Ryuichi Tokunaga
Outside Director /
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
Makoto Kikkawa

Executive Officers(1st July, 2020)

Senior Managing Executive Officer Kenichi Mizuuchi
Managing Executive Officer Yukinori Tsukimoto
Managing Executive Officer Toshihiko Akimoto
Executive Officer Masahiro Tokita
Executive Officer Takao Yoshikawa
Executive Officer Yasunori Azumi
Executive Officer Fumio Yamanaka
Executive Officer Hiroshi Baba

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